Monday, March 9, 2009

it's been a while

Hi everyone,

I haven't posted on here for a very, very long while it seems. I have just been ridiculously busy. Work just kind of..exploded lately - it's all really great stuff, (I LOVE MY JOB), and I feel really good about all of it, but I am working without stop all day, every day. The events I am/was in charge of last month/this month/next month and some of my other projects:

1. Valentines day karaoke dance
2. Steering Committee Meeting
3. Publishing a 1500 circulation newsletter
4. Acapulco Fundraiser
5. Organizing a class of volunteers from CSULB
6. 5 Interns
7. Kickball and Carnival with Whittier College
8. St Patrick's day dance with CSULB volunteer group
9. Edison Dance
10. Meeting for staff going on Hollywood trip
11. Meeting for clients going on Hollywood trip
12. Hollywood trip
13. Souplantation Fundraiser
14. Spring Fling Festival
15. Grease
16. Self Defense Workshop
17. Cinco de Mayo Fiesta
18. Transition Nights
19. Medieval times
20. Steering Committee Meeting
21. Another newsletter
22. Updating website
23. Walk for Independence
24. Supervisory Meetings
25. Nature Walk
26. Bowling Blast
27. Color Me Mine and breakfast
28. Race track and dinner
29. Vegas meeting for staff
30. Vegas meeting for clients
31. Vegas trip
32. Figuring out new transportation policies since we will no longer have vans
33. Disney Cruise to the Bahamas
34. Prom on the tiki boat
35. Choosing volunteers
36. Redoing the A2A Coordinator notebook
37. Redefining the volunteer/intern program
38. Credit card blah blah blah for work
39. Taking on a new training program
40. The service records, progress notes and spreadsheets that accompany EVERY SINGLE EVENT
41. Writing a healthy living grant
42. Developing a healthy living program
43. Safety Committee meetings
44. In charge of to go kit shopping/planning/reinforcing
45. Making emergency plan for all programs

Not at work:
1. Adam at academy. I still do dry cleaning, laundry, lunches, and other random picking-up-of-supplies, plus help with flashcards, etc.
2. Fish, and the fact that the fish had 150 babies
3. Rommel - regular feeding, playing, etc.
4. Backyard - trying to get it ready for...
5. NEW PUPPY, this wednesday!!!!
6. New bed, trying to sell the old one
7. Karate
8. Sparkpeople
9. Exercise every day
10. Moose at Sunset cross stitch (ALMOST DONE!)
11. Art Supply Room - puppy proofing
12. Garden - collecting seeds of winter veggies, planting new ones
13. Adam's graduation - June
14. Marina's wedding

So anyways, that's an incomplete list of my life right now. And me being me, and the job being the job, that list of work stuff does NOT keep itself within the M-F 8-5 time slot. ohhh no.

in any case, life is pretty grand my little duckies..and one day soon I will be back. one day.


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