Monday, November 7, 2011

Contest time!

CONTEST TIME! Here's how it works: 1. Head over to and "like" that page, if you haven't already 2. Answer the survey posted on royaboya's wall about what your favorite item for sale is! 3. Sit back and cross your fingers! The winner will be contacted via facebook! The winner will get a free pair of earrings or bird decoration - depending on what they voted for! YAY!
And if you win, you will smile thiiiiiissss biiiiggg!

Monday, October 31, 2011

rosie my earring model

My awesome little sister came over yesterday with her brand new haircut and let me use her as an earring model! Thank you Rosie!!! I love these pictures... you'll find a bunch of new postings at and more still to come!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

earring backdrops

So about 5 years ago, when I was still living at home with my family, our garage caught on fire. It took over a year to get most of the stuff back - they delivered all of it in boxes and we put it in the garage. There are SO many boxes. So many. My dad is still in the process of going through them. So every once in a while, he sends me home with another box from my old room that he has uncovered. It's very time-capsule-y, since I haven't seen most of the items for at least 5 years! There are a lot of things I didn't remember I'd forgotten about. So this week my dad sends me home with a box that includes old mix tapes (score), a CSULB trash can (how fitting, since I am back there for my Master's), my rotary cutter and matt (YES!), about 15 jars of acrylics that had gone very very bad (tossed those, sigh), and a bunch of small boards that I had painted and collaged on. I vaguely remember making them, but I do not remember if there was a purpose to them then. I hate throwing that kind of thing away, but really - what would I do with these random painted boards? Then - brilliance! I will use them for my earrings!!! Setting up a booth to sell items is an art in and of itself. I'm not good at it, I have to say. I always have so much stuff and not enough space, and I also have to keep my set-up small enough that I can pack it into my little Yaris. So... here's hoping that using these painted boards as backdrops for some of my earrings will add some much needed pop and attention-getting to my booth!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Patchwork Indie info + new products from yours truly!

I have been making some new earrings/rings this week...can't stay away from the hearts! They are so fun to make. I've been playing around with a lot of different yarns - my favorite hearts are being made out of cotton (like the picture of me wearing giant heart earrings) - they are large, but still really, really light. I love cotton.
I've also been using some handspun silk - which are pretty, but definitely more delicate and can pill up a little bit. I've used hemp - leftover from a scarf I made my cousin yeeears ago. The hemp ones are awesome - especially combined with the chain that makes them dangle. I also splurged on new yarn (gasp) (nobody's really shocked) that's acrylic but feels like a silk/wool blend - and is awesomely jewel-toned and gives an almost tie-dyed effect. Those are great too - sturdy and purty. I'm putting them on chain, and am loving the effect.
I hope folks at Patchwork do too!

Speaking of Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festival... I will be at ALL THREE events this November!

LONG BEACH: nov 6th 2011 * 11-5pm the physical address for the marine stadium where the show is: 5255 paoli way * long beach * ca * 90803 BUT the actual loaction is on the corner of bayshore & appian @ the lot with launch ramps for boats (just follow the signs)

directions from the 405 south: exit at studebaker, turn right on 2nd st, take 2nd st to bayshore ave, bayshore takes you right to the lot

directions from 405 north: 405 to 710 south, exit on broadway, take broadway to bayshore ave and turn left, again bayshore will take you right to the lot

CULVER CITY: ov 13th 2011 * 11-5pm at the helms bakery between washington blvd & venice blvd @ national

From Downtown or 110 Frwy

Take the 10 Frwy (West)

Exit Venice Blvd and turn left, continue past La Cienega Blvd. heading west.

Off the 405 interchange

Take the 10 Frwy (East) Exit Robertson Blvd. Stay in second lane to the left, merge on to Venice Blvd. and veer left onto Venice heading east, cross National Blvd. and proceed to Helms Ave.

SANTA ANA: nov 27th 11-5pm 11-5pm 2202 north main street * santa ana * ca * 92706 this event takes place on buffalo street @ main street & in the harvey’s parking lot in the middle of the street

I can't wait!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

good vibrations

Hi there folks,

I am sitting in my school library, about 2 hours early from class due to weird scheduling, wishing I had brought more crocheting to do. I thought I'd take this chance to update you on my crafty endeavors over the last week!

Last weekend I headed down to San Diego for the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference. There is oh so much to be said about the wonderfulenss that is GV. I love the philosophy, the location, the people especially... but I was NOT prepared for how much love they had for ME! I showed up pretty late on Saturday, and decided not to set out my wares. I was saying hi to folks I haven't seen in a long time, and I was just plain tired. I enjoyed the evening, especially singing loud and boisterous girl scout songs all night.

The next day I set up my table - I had carted with me all sorts of random hand made odds and ends: earrings of course,
and magnets,
some beanies, bags, coin purses, bird decorations and my new rings! (and probably more, I just can't think of what). I had a pretty full table inside - and was amazed by how I hadn't even finished setting stuff up yet when I had my first customers!

Unschoolers are definitly my best customers, by the way. My favorite thing of all time is having kids come over with a few dollars and buy them and their friends semi-matching things. I was selling my rings for $1.00, so that was very popular with the younger crowd (although the older folks liked them too!) I ran out of rings and was making them on demand right there!

Amy Steinberg, an amazing and inspiring musician was playing a concert for us at the hotel. I decided to set up my stuff in an outdoor table so I could watch the show AND keep selling! I am so, so, so glad I did. Amy is fantastic, beautiful voice, and every song has a wonderful message. There were people dancing and hula-hooping like crazy, and it was some of the most fun ever. I was supposed to leave that night, and people kept buying so I kept selling...probably til 11pm or so.

The unschoolers wiped me out! I came home and had to buy a bunch of ring making stuff, and am working on more birds and earrings!

Patchwork Indie is coming up in November, and there are a few smaller boutiques in October that I am going to - so I need to get cracking.

I'll leave you with this fun photo:

Look closely, one of my birds is in there somewhere!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

contest time!!!

I am feeling the urge to give away a free pair of earrings! Today I want to really thank the folks who have already bought some of my handmade items, so this contest is specifically for you.

Here's what you have to do to win....

1. If you haven't already, go to and "like" the page

2. Submit a photograph of you or someone you know wearing or using one of royaboya's items. Put the photo on royaboya's facebook wall, with a comment about who is wearing it, why they like it, or some other little bit of info.

3. Do this by September 27th.

4. I will take all the folks who have posted photos, and randomly draw one to win a pair of earrings!

Let me know if you have any questions!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

start of a new semester

Hi there world, so it's the start of a new semester...and time to wrap up some projects and start others. School technically starts on Monday, although my 1st class is Tuesday. I start seeing clients at my practicum site the same day, and I just got the dates for the Indie Patchwork shows in November! I don't FEEL like summer is over yet, but the world sure wants me to be thinking about the fall.

So here's my project rundown:

1. Thesis
Since I last wrote, I put aside the thesis plan to finish the IRB packet. This is an intense thing - the IRB is the review board that decides whether or not I am allowed to conduct my research at all. I was intensely nervous for the anti-climatic turning-in-of-the-packet last week. It included a letter from my thesis advisor, their packet (title, topic, ethics review, hypothesis, purpose, benefits, how I will protect the subjects, etc. etc.), ALL of my measurement scales, a copy of my survey instrument, the letters of approval from the groups that I will be sending my survey to, informed consent, and my intro email to the groups. Big giant packet, emailed and hand delivered to their office. I did that last week, and now I wait for the board to review and approve! Hopefully there won't be too many edits...

2. Craft Shows - I just got the dates for the Patchwork Indie shows in November! I instantly made a list of goals - new earrings, birds, and washcloths by then. I love Patchwork and I think before-christmas is going to be a great time. I want to make sure I look ahead to that so I don't get surprised by it and waste that opportunity.

3. Classes at CSULB
I am taking 17 units:
A. Trauma and Grief
B. Group Counseling
C. Meds
D. Clinic
E. EDP520 (research)
F. Thesis

I'll be able to write more about my goals in each one when I actually attend a class. Right now my goal is to SURVIVE this semester. I bought a calendar, and all I need is to stay organized, focused, and keep from procrastinating.

4. Practicum - I have been doing trainings at my site for over a month now. On Tuesday I officially put in my "slips" - which are requests for clients in certain time spots. I am officially allowed to start on August 31st. I am nervous, excited, ready, scared.... honestly until today my biggest concern was time management. Then I read a news story about therapy gone awry, and now I am scared of ruining people for life. I don't want to make them worse!! So my head is all over the place where my practicum is concerned.

5. Work - I put in my two weeks notice almost 2 weeks ago. Monday is my last day. I am sad to leave my clients - they are truly the best part of this job, but I also feel bad for not...feeling bad. I have a hard time with transitions - the minute I decided to resign, I was done. I also don't like the awkwardness of these I have been sort of avoiding telling people I've been leaving. Probably not the greatest thing, but... that's me.

6. Exercise - I am on a three day streak of 10 minutes a day. Monday: water aerobics for 1 hour, Tuesday: cycling for 51 minutes, Wednesday: walking for hours, today: water aerobics for 1 hour. I am trying to look ahead in my schedule and do the thing that sounds the most fun!

7. Sprint Triathlon training - I haven't done anything organized with this training - but I am going to start incorporating biking into my week. I feel a little stuck without a good (real) bike, which might just be an excuse. I don't know. I just don't know that much about this. But I figure - biking, running, swimming - I'll just do *something* related to those three things until I have the wherewithall to push it further.

8. Healthy living - Honestly, this has been rough for me lately. I had a really rough time about two weeks ago, and all I could do was watch tv and eat. I've never eaten emotionally like that before. It was awful. The thing that picked me up out of it was going to Big Bear and going camping and fishing with my husband and cousins. I came home happier and more resolved. I don't even want to give myself crazy goals here...I just want to make the BEST choice of the options I have, MOST of the time.

9. Therapy - Still attending, but need to figure out a better schedule. Still love it, still a strong proponent for it. Also it got me to start journaling again, which for someone who preaches the benefits of journaling all the time, has done it way less than she should lately. I even got my water colors out last week and painted a few pages.

10. Husband - In the process of revising certain roles and figuring out how we do this wonderful marriage thing - yes, it's been a year and 2 weeks, but being an overachieving student and MFT trainee and wife require awareness, prioritizing, and conscious decision making. I have a hard time being multiple roles, and I feel frequently like my DH suffers. There are my wants: to nurture, to make the house beautiful, to feed and cook and take care of, to garden and be self-sustaining, to create a house with light and music and creativity, to spend time with him and be able to do the extra little things that make his life better and easier. There are my other wants: to watch 4 seasons of Madmen in a row, to crochet for hours, to read and re-read YA books. There are pressing requirements: to write that paper, to study for that test, to attend that training and buy dogfood. It is so hard for me to prioritize my values, my goals, my wants, and my schedule. I keep thinking it HAS to be easier once I am done with school - but I want to "bloom where I'm planted" and not stave off the life I want for "later" because that feels like a death trap. I also am not great at little bits of everything - maybe something I should work on. Maybe I should physically set a timer and do 15 minutes of EVERYTHING I want to do every day. I don't know. But it's something I think about a lot.

11. Cousins - K and Y are going back to Spain tomorrow morning. I am really, really sad to have them leave. Their presence this summer has made it exciting - they're both really funny and sweet and I enjoyed having them here so much.

12. Making things for other people - I have 5 shawls I am making for a friend's wedding, and curtains for my cousin. I have a little over 1 month for the shawls, and the curtains should have been done 6 months AGO. I am a huge slacker. I will get out the sewing machine this weekend and work on the curtains. I will.

So that's me right now. Full of so many directions. Maybe that timer thing isn't a bad idea - then at least I'll get to it all.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

bird decorations!

So.... another little textile obsession of mine, spurred on by my constant browsing through ravelry's baby patterns... This is a quick little project that is an awesome stash-buster! I didn't buy a single new thing for any of these... just using up the awesome little bits of yarn I love and don't want to get rid of (you know, the half yard of baby alpaca, etc.) and random buttons I found in the bottom of my sewing box. The idea was to make a mobile out of these, and I haven't gotten that far yet... but I keep making the birds!

First you crochet a circle - any yarn, any pattern of stripes, anything. Then crochet a beak, wings, and sew them in. Fold the circle in half, sew some button eyes, attach a crochet chain to the center, fold in half and sew shut!

These aren't the greatest photos - but I was too excited not to share them right away. They are super fast creations - and after this first batch, I know better what to do next time. I have a bunch at home that are halfway in the works right now! Haha. love the birds! This blog has an actual pattern for you if you're interested. :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Blocks!

I spent Saturday/Sunday in Santa Barbara for my friend Marina's "baby warming" - she is about 4 months along, and as this kid should grow up calling me Aunt Roya...I wanted to make sure I made a near-to-my-heart sort of present.

I agonized a little bit, actually - no idea what to make. I wanted to make sure I made something gender neutral (for practical and philosophical reasons), and I didn't want to make anything other people would make either...

So I started by finding my favorite book covers from when I was little - and I printed them on iron-on-transfer paper. My idea was to make a quilt using these book covers and yellow fuzzy fleece backing! Well...I accidentally ironed on a book cover that while it LOOKED like a Dr. Suess book, it was actually a spoof and not exactly baby-blanket appropriate.

So I decided to make "baby blocks" instead. They are each hand-sewn, with the book covers cut up into 3 inch squares, and that yellow fleece as the supplemental material. I stuffed them with hypo-allergenic batting, and put a bell in each one so it would make baby-attracting noise!

I also made a box for them to go in, using more book covers!

This was a super fun project, and I can think of about 8000 variations I'd like to make. Can't wait to do more :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Project update time!

One of the things I love about keeping a blog is the ability to go back and read old posts...I've been trying to do this more consciously lately, because I use this blog a lot to "remember to..." and it sure helps to re-read!!!

Anyways - here is a list of some projects I had going, that it is time for an update on! It's been a really busy summer so far - I had a summer class, started my practicum, and have relatives visiting from Spain. I feel a little scattered, a little frantic... and like I am losing sight a little bit on some of my goals. So this is a good time to stop and revisit them.

1. Thesis
I've had one long thesis meeting this summer - which was both really helpful and really exhausting at the same time. My thesis is on measuring adult homeschooler's attitudes towards psychotherapy. I'm a little lost with some of the statistics, and feel like I need a refresher course. I have another meeting on Wednesday, so I have a lot of work to do between now and then. We are working on our 10-20 page "thesis plan" which is basically the skeleton of the thesis that we will flesh out over the next year. There are 4 other people working on their theses, and we meet as a group with our advisor. It's a great group - with a variety of projects. I really enjoy working with them... but definitely need to get in some good hours of thesis work in the next few days.

2. Craft Shows - I did several a few months ago, but have really pushed the pause button on it right now. I had to, for my sanity - but I am looking forward to getting back into it for the holidays.

3. Classes at CSULB
3a. Summer Class - This was a 7 or 8 week class that was HARD and I really enjoyed it. It was taught my our department head, and she knows her stuff. It was an in-depth treatment planning class, and I just got my grade yesterday: the hard work was worth it! I got an A...which I was really not sure I was going to get at the beginning of the semester. The next semester starts on August 29th, so I have 1 month of "freedom." (hahaha.)

4. Practicum - The last update was that I had a site... Since then I have started training at Mariposa Women and Family Center. It's been great, and informative. It's been a lot of policies and procedures training...we just started in on the forms and finances this last week. I'll keep doing training once a week until the end of August, when I start seeing clients!

5. Work - I am still working 3 days a week as A2A Coordinator and Auditor. I don't have a lot to say about that. I enjoy it when I am there, but it is hard for me to get out the door to get there. We did just get a few overnight events approved, so that's exciting. The photo is of me at our Bowling Blast event.

6. Exercise - The last time I wrote I was on week 3 of the C25K program, with the goal of running the Surf City 5k. Well - I made it all the way through the C25K program - and was amazed that I did it. I remember thinking how hard it was to run 60 seconds at a time....and I finished by running 35 minutes! Amazing. About 1 week before the 5K, I had some abdominal pains, and went to the ER. It turned out that I had another ruptured ovarian cyst. I did not need surgery this time, but I was put on bedrest for a little while. I was prepared NOT to run the 5k, but I was really, really, really disappointed that I would not be reaching my goal. The morning of the 5k, I decided to just put on my running clothes so I'd feel like part of the group (my husband, our roommate, and his girlfriend were all running the 5k as well.) I just sort of let myself get swept up in the 5k crowd at the starting line...and then started running! I decided that I could stop at any time, or walk at anytime, but that secretly I wanted to at least make it to the 1 mile marker. The 1 mile marker came up faster than I thought it would, so I decided to try for 2. Our friends took off, but my husband stayed by my side the whole time. The last 1/2 mile was the hardest - I was barely running, but I did it. My husband held my hand and we skipped across the finish line. :) It was an incredible moment for me. a)I had actually completed the C25k program, b)I ran a 5k - my 3rd ever, c)I triumphed over difficulties, d)I did it with my husband.

About an hour after, I started experiencing some real pain, and I am fairly certain that I pushed my recovery back about 3 days. But you know what? I am still glad I did it.

After that 5k, I sort of just...stopped exercising. I didn't have something I was training for, which I realize is a problem. My next goal is to compete in a Sprint Triathlon. I'm going to give that it's own category now.

7. Sprint Triathlon training - I have done a little bit of research and have found a few free training programs. I'm so clueless that I'm having a little bit of a hard time figuring out what to do. What I should do is to run 3 days a week, and bike and swim on the other days. What I am doing right now - is 2 days a week of Water Aerobics, and that is all. I really love this water aerobics class, so I don't plan on giving it up. What I think I will do is go 30 minutes before the class and ride the bike on those days. I do need to pick up my running training again. I need to make a schedule and stick to it.

8. Healthy living - I joined weight watchers a few weeks ago. I go Sunday mornings at 8am with my aunt. It's been great - except I feel like I've been sabotaging myself this week. Yesterday I took steps to get back on track - I bought produce and some basic ingredients. Today I made sure I ate breakfast, and I've been snacking on oranges and celery and drinking my water. I need to remember what is important to me, and where I want to get back to. In other healthy living news... I am feeling the need for increased beauty in my life. I need nature, green, trees, ocean - something. Even if it's just smelling my tomato plants or putting my feet in mud in my front yard. This is important for my mental health, and I need to remember that.

9. Therapy - I put it on my list of projects because it's a) a big chunk of my time each week, and b)it feels like a huge project and I think about it a lot. First off, I love my therapist, and I love the 2 hours a week I am in that office drinking tea. There is this feeling of expansion inside of me that I get while I am sitting there - I feel light and on my way to understanding everything. When I leave, that feeling contracts a little bit, but less and less each week.

10. Husband - it was DH's birthday last week and I organized a surprise LAN party for him and his computer-game-lovin friends. I even downloaded the game and learned a little bit how to play too. :) It was fun and I think everyone enjoyed it! Our ONE YEAR anniversary is next week, and I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around that one too. Any ideas for a gift??

11. Cousins - my cousins Keyvan and Yasmin have been visiting from Spain all summer. They are staying one street over with my parents, and have been the catalyst for all sorts of fun so far this summer. We've been to the OC Fair (my favorite place on earth),
Rancho Los Alamitos, many-a-beach, , the midnight showing of Harry Potter , the grunion run (Adam was working that night)

Anyways - crazy summer. This weekend I am heading to Santa Barbara for my friend's baby shower, coming back and doing thesis work! I've been commissioned by another friend to knit 5 shawls for her bridesmaids... and I'd really like to do more stuff outside. How do I have time for it all?? gotta figure that out.... :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

circus treasury

Just a quick post to add a link to my latest treasury - Join the Circus!

I maaayyy have been inspired a little by the last movie I saw in theaters (Water for Elephants.) It's not a great movie, but this is a great treasury, if I do say so myself!! :)

I've been making cotton washcloths like a crazy person - ready to sell alongside Wi's soaps and lotions! I'd love love love to get some resin in my magnets in the next few days.... they are just sitting, empty, waiting...

I also did a bunch of contacting today - talked to BJ at the Marina LB farmers market - I will hopefully be selling there on the first Sunday in July. I contacted Art for the Soul, and Fern's garden - crossing my fingers!!! Also, a friend of mine wants to hold another Backyard Bazaar - so I sent some dates! Things are moving moving moving!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

boutique and banners

Spent this weekend at the Splash into Summer Boutique in Lakewood! It was fun - got to be next to Wisalya again, which is nice because we are starting to think of some complementary projects. She makes super fantastic soaps and lotions, and I am going to start doing some ceramic soap dishes, and crocheted washcloths to go with them!

The boutique itself was very cute - about 15 vendors - mostly for girls/babies/young children. My earrings did pretty well - and I sold a few ceramics and a few magnets. I definitely need to make more magnets before the next show. I have some new ideas for those too - alphabet sets, and "how I am feeling today" sets too.

Tonight I've been messing around a bit with new banners for my etsy shop... here are the finalists. Right now I've got the yellow one up, but I may switch...

I've also got a few new listings up on etsy - trying to get photos of my most recent earrings up! I make too many, it's hard to keep track of them!!!

If anyone has any ideas for tracking inventory, please let me know. I could use it.

I traded a few items at the Splash into Summer Boutique, and I will do a better blogpost with links soon!

Friday, June 10, 2011

TONIGHT's boutique and treasuries!!!

TONIGHT! I am getting ready to go have some fun at the Splash into Summer Boutique in lakewood! The event is tonight from 5-8pm, and then AGAIN tomorrow from 10-3!

Other fun I've been having...making treasury list after treasury list! haha. Love this etsy feature. Here are links to a few...


So turn on the sky, let it hear what you're saying

ooh AND I was featured in someone else's treasury!! Here is it

I may or may not do a more in-depth blog post later.... but I wanted to say hi, and get these links up for ya'll.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


When I first joined etsy I found the etsybloggers team - and immediately joined and immediately loved it. I then got busy and didn't feel like I could keep up with the requirements - but now I am BACK and focused on etsy again - and am thrilled to be a part of the etsybloggers team once more!

To celebrate - here's a treasury I made with just items from fellow etsybloggers. I think it is pretty darn gorgeous if I do say so myself.

Santa Barbara Island and my latest treasury

This past week I spent on the smallest of the Channel Islands - Santa Barbara Island.

This is the 3rd year I've gone - once was as a student the summer of 2005, and the last two years as staff (2010 and 2011).

The group that goes is a CSULB class called "Recreation in the Ocean Environment" and it's anywhere from 10-30 people, most of whom are recreation majors, some who just have an interest in spending a week on the island.

SBI is an amazing place - we hike, learn about plants and animals (largest mammal is the doormouse), get swooped by barn owls, watch pelicans, do compass/map orienteering stuff, explore the tidepools, jump off the dock, swim with sea lions, snorkel, kayak, sleep in tents and cook on campstoves. It's a phenomenal experience.

This year the group was particularly wonderful - a bunch of vivacious, enthusiastic and motivated csulb students who really upped my enjoyment of the island (and I love it already).

Spending a week camping on an island with no water, no trees, and so much amazing NATURE is the best thing for my mental health. I came home and haven't wanted to let go of it yet. So here's how I'm bridging my worlds - my latest etsy treasury - my homage to the SBI trip of 2011.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Patchwork Indie - Santa Ana

As much as I love making and selling earrings and other items, I have found that there is a point at each event where I sort of wish I was done, because it's hot and I'm tired and I have been sitting in a booth for 5 hours and I want a change of scenery. This point never lasts long, but it has happened. However - at today's Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festival - that moment never happened.

I got to the space at about 8am. I circled the block probably 4 times before I figured out where to pull in the truck - I have officially moved up in the world of vendors, I now have enough set-up to warrant borrowing my husband's giant truck instead of being able to use my Yaris. I set up what I could, moved the truck, and then waited for Wi and Ken to bring their soaps and lotions for set up.

The wind was a bit of an issue - twice my new cabinet fell all the way over, taking and breaking my mirror and lightbulb in my new lamp with it. But it wasn't anything a football field's worth of 50 lb test fishing line couldn't handle!! I tied earrings to lamp, lamp to easy up, cabinet to easy up, and weighted everything down with rolls of duct tape. By the time the wind came back in the afternoon, everything just swayed slightly. woohoo!

This event seemed WAY bigger than the Long Beach one. Maybe it was because it was mostly set up in one narrow road, with a few parking-lot offshoots of vendors, or maybe it was because I was pretty close to bathrooms and a food truck and so saw more traffic - but it did seem like there was a pretty steady stream of people, dogs, and strollers going by.

I have finally started tracking what items I'm selling, because I'd like to track over time to see what trends exist for what shows. I am a little surprised at how quick my bottle-cap-resin-magnets are going!! I am almost out, and will definitely need to make more.

I have to do a little sidebar here and make a comment about how AMAZING it is that people actually stop to look at my items, and then like them enough to buy them. Part of me is not totally surprised - I think they are neat, or I wouldn't make them - but it is a totally different gratifying feeling to know other people think so too. It is especially gratifying when people who saw me at the Long Beach Patchwork show came back to my booth to buy more - or people who found and liked my page on facebook choose which earrings they want to buy and then come to the show to get them. It's a really humble feeling, and is the most encouraging one in the world.

Here's a photo from my perspective in the booth, while people perused my table...

One of the contributing factors to my not having that ready-to-leave-feeling at this event was the people watching. I have to say - there were SO MANY CUTE PEOPLE at this show. I have never seen so many adorable boots in one place before in my life. People were fun and funky looking, it was obvious that the majority of what folks were wearing were handmade, and everyone was smiling and really seemed like they wanted nothing more than to be walking down this sunshiney street in Santa Ana looking for more handmade items to buy. The street itself was cute - beautiful and richly colored homes behind us, and Bowers Museum one street over. There seemed to be an abundance of pregnant and stroller pushing mama's, and a lot of little kids. That was fun too - my earrings and magnets are bright and were at the perfect level to catch 6 year old eyes. Some of the best conversations of the day were with the kids who came to ask about crocheting.

I always like to showcase another booth in my blog after an event - and this time is no exception. This particular booth was right across from me, and I spent the whole time getting distracted by her brightly colored fused glass pendants. They are beautiful, and with a name like Sunny Scarlett, she deserves a comic book, not just a mention in a blog post. But here she is, and here are a few photos of her work:

if anyone wants to buy me a present, I want that tree pendant!!!

I wasn't ready to pack up with 5pm rolled around. It was a blast, and I am jonesing for the next Patchwork Indie.

I'll leave you with two more photos - one of the traffic jam of vendors trying to get out of the show at the end...

and this one I saw on my walk back to the truck at the end of the day.

Friday, May 27, 2011

2nd Petite Flea Market rundown!

This is a long overdue blog post, but it's been a busy week!

On May 22 I got up super duper early, loaded my stuff into Wi's car, and we drove to Costa Mesa for the 2nd Petite Flea Market at God's and Heroes Hair Salon. I had no idea what to expect - it was a last minute invitation to participate, and it all felt sorta spur of the moment.

The location was in the parkinglot in the back of this pretty nice looking building, and it seemed like the majority of the vendors were all set up already.

I have officially done 4 sales, ever - 1. Good Vibrations Homeschooling Conference in San Diego, 2. Backyard MY backyard, 3. Patchwork Indie LB, and now this one. The 1st was a big conference with a sale for a few hours. The backyard bazaar and Patchwork are both handmade-items (for the most part) - but the Petite Flea Market is definitely like art sale + swap meet...which I guess is what a flea market is.

There were probably 15-20 vendors, and only about 5 of us had handmade items. Of those five, 3 of us had jewelry. There were also a lot of vintage items for sale.

Here is a picture of my little set up...complete with earrings, handbags, ceramics and more...

I didn't have much of a chance to leave my booth, but did get to talk to the sellers next to me. Of course, Wi and her yummmmy bath and body works was sharing a space with me...

And then I met Dianna Agzour, who had a variety of jewelry for sale. She had a lot of smaller necklaces and pendants, but of course the one that caught MY eye...

If you look closely, you can see that all of that is hand-wired. Crazy!!! I grabbed her business card, but there is no website to link - so I'll just let you know that if you want to contact her, email her at

On her other side was Francis Frank, who makes striking feather earrings.

Here's a close up of one of her pieces

Annnnd on the other side of Dianna, a super friendly Kim Wistos was selling aprons and other accessories! No website on her card either, but her email address is

So I had a pretty good day - it was collllld at the beginning, but warmed up for the last part of the day. I did okay sales - and made enough that I got to buy this fantastic item, that had caught my eye at the beginning of the day...

If you are coming to the Patchwork Indie show in Santa Ana on the 29th of May (THIS SUNDAY) you will get to see this awesome lamp in action, as my brand new earring tree. :)