Thursday, August 11, 2011

bird decorations!

So.... another little textile obsession of mine, spurred on by my constant browsing through ravelry's baby patterns... This is a quick little project that is an awesome stash-buster! I didn't buy a single new thing for any of these... just using up the awesome little bits of yarn I love and don't want to get rid of (you know, the half yard of baby alpaca, etc.) and random buttons I found in the bottom of my sewing box. The idea was to make a mobile out of these, and I haven't gotten that far yet... but I keep making the birds!

First you crochet a circle - any yarn, any pattern of stripes, anything. Then crochet a beak, wings, and sew them in. Fold the circle in half, sew some button eyes, attach a crochet chain to the center, fold in half and sew shut!

These aren't the greatest photos - but I was too excited not to share them right away. They are super fast creations - and after this first batch, I know better what to do next time. I have a bunch at home that are halfway in the works right now! Haha. love the birds! This blog has an actual pattern for you if you're interested. :)


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