Monday, October 31, 2011

rosie my earring model

My awesome little sister came over yesterday with her brand new haircut and let me use her as an earring model! Thank you Rosie!!! I love these pictures... you'll find a bunch of new postings at and more still to come!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

earring backdrops

So about 5 years ago, when I was still living at home with my family, our garage caught on fire. It took over a year to get most of the stuff back - they delivered all of it in boxes and we put it in the garage. There are SO many boxes. So many. My dad is still in the process of going through them. So every once in a while, he sends me home with another box from my old room that he has uncovered. It's very time-capsule-y, since I haven't seen most of the items for at least 5 years! There are a lot of things I didn't remember I'd forgotten about. So this week my dad sends me home with a box that includes old mix tapes (score), a CSULB trash can (how fitting, since I am back there for my Master's), my rotary cutter and matt (YES!), about 15 jars of acrylics that had gone very very bad (tossed those, sigh), and a bunch of small boards that I had painted and collaged on. I vaguely remember making them, but I do not remember if there was a purpose to them then. I hate throwing that kind of thing away, but really - what would I do with these random painted boards? Then - brilliance! I will use them for my earrings!!! Setting up a booth to sell items is an art in and of itself. I'm not good at it, I have to say. I always have so much stuff and not enough space, and I also have to keep my set-up small enough that I can pack it into my little Yaris. So... here's hoping that using these painted boards as backdrops for some of my earrings will add some much needed pop and attention-getting to my booth!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Patchwork Indie info + new products from yours truly!

I have been making some new earrings/rings this week...can't stay away from the hearts! They are so fun to make. I've been playing around with a lot of different yarns - my favorite hearts are being made out of cotton (like the picture of me wearing giant heart earrings) - they are large, but still really, really light. I love cotton.
I've also been using some handspun silk - which are pretty, but definitely more delicate and can pill up a little bit. I've used hemp - leftover from a scarf I made my cousin yeeears ago. The hemp ones are awesome - especially combined with the chain that makes them dangle. I also splurged on new yarn (gasp) (nobody's really shocked) that's acrylic but feels like a silk/wool blend - and is awesomely jewel-toned and gives an almost tie-dyed effect. Those are great too - sturdy and purty. I'm putting them on chain, and am loving the effect.
I hope folks at Patchwork do too!

Speaking of Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festival... I will be at ALL THREE events this November!

LONG BEACH: nov 6th 2011 * 11-5pm the physical address for the marine stadium where the show is: 5255 paoli way * long beach * ca * 90803 BUT the actual loaction is on the corner of bayshore & appian @ the lot with launch ramps for boats (just follow the signs)

directions from the 405 south: exit at studebaker, turn right on 2nd st, take 2nd st to bayshore ave, bayshore takes you right to the lot

directions from 405 north: 405 to 710 south, exit on broadway, take broadway to bayshore ave and turn left, again bayshore will take you right to the lot

CULVER CITY: ov 13th 2011 * 11-5pm at the helms bakery between washington blvd & venice blvd @ national

From Downtown or 110 Frwy

Take the 10 Frwy (West)

Exit Venice Blvd and turn left, continue past La Cienega Blvd. heading west.

Off the 405 interchange

Take the 10 Frwy (East) Exit Robertson Blvd. Stay in second lane to the left, merge on to Venice Blvd. and veer left onto Venice heading east, cross National Blvd. and proceed to Helms Ave.

SANTA ANA: nov 27th 11-5pm 11-5pm 2202 north main street * santa ana * ca * 92706 this event takes place on buffalo street @ main street & in the harvey’s parking lot in the middle of the street

I can't wait!!!