Wednesday, May 19, 2010

registered for classes!

I registered for my first semester back at California State University, Long Beach today! Starting on August 30th I will be taking 5 classes in my pursuit of a Masters of Science in Counseling and a Marriage and Family Therapy License!

4-7 COUN 513
7-10 COUN 510

7-10 COUN 515

4-7 EDP 400
7-10 COUN 508 A

the numbers don't mean much to me yet - I can't wait til they do. I'm excited. The only bummer is the Wednesday night class, which will be at the same time as the Lightbulb Mouth Show. This is very sad. But I will just not work on Thursdays, and still go out for after-show fun those nights.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

catching up

Hello blogging world, it's been a while since I've posted. I have been project-ed-out. I was on a 7 day trip to Mexico with 38 people for whom I was in charge of - it was a long long week. I got back and was sick for a few days, and have been busy ever since.

I am getting married in 81 days! Between now and then I am working as staff on a week long trip to Santa Barbara Island, it's my dads birthday, Adam's birthday, and my sister in law's birthday (we go camping for hers every year), I am going from this full time job to working full time at a daycare and part time at this job, and having a wedding shower and bachelorette party. Then I get married, have a honeymoon, get back and start school!

I applied and got into CSULB's Marriage and Family Therapy program. I'll get my Masters in Counseling. It's a two year program and I am really, really, really excited to start. While I'm doing that I will be working here at PI, but part-time, which will be a good change.

I go every Wednesday to the Basement in Long Beach where I feel like a part of something magic - The Lighbulb Mouth Radio Hour. I am 1/3 (and sometimes 2/5) related to the house band, and the rest of them are rapidly turning into my best friends. I have more live music and poetry in my life than I'd had in the past and that makes Roya a happy girl.

Adam found white, tamed pigeons on the side of the road the day before yesterday, so now we have pigeons! And a pigeon hutch. Along with our two german shepherds and fish tank. My cousin Alex and I are going to raise chickens this summer.

My garden is gardening - something is eating the cauliflower, but I had a salad made from the lettuce from my garden last week and it was excellent. I have baby squash, tonnns of volunteer tomato plants but no fruit yet, and buds on the peppers! The grapes are starting also.

Phew. That's my life, really quick like. :p Time to get back to work!