Tuesday, May 18, 2010

catching up

Hello blogging world, it's been a while since I've posted. I have been project-ed-out. I was on a 7 day trip to Mexico with 38 people for whom I was in charge of - it was a long long week. I got back and was sick for a few days, and have been busy ever since.

I am getting married in 81 days! Between now and then I am working as staff on a week long trip to Santa Barbara Island, it's my dads birthday, Adam's birthday, and my sister in law's birthday (we go camping for hers every year), I am going from this full time job to working full time at a daycare and part time at this job, and having a wedding shower and bachelorette party. Then I get married, have a honeymoon, get back and start school!

I applied and got into CSULB's Marriage and Family Therapy program. I'll get my Masters in Counseling. It's a two year program and I am really, really, really excited to start. While I'm doing that I will be working here at PI, but part-time, which will be a good change.

I go every Wednesday to the Basement in Long Beach where I feel like a part of something magic - The Lighbulb Mouth Radio Hour. I am 1/3 (and sometimes 2/5) related to the house band, and the rest of them are rapidly turning into my best friends. I have more live music and poetry in my life than I'd had in the past and that makes Roya a happy girl.

Adam found white, tamed pigeons on the side of the road the day before yesterday, so now we have pigeons! And a pigeon hutch. Along with our two german shepherds and fish tank. My cousin Alex and I are going to raise chickens this summer.

My garden is gardening - something is eating the cauliflower, but I had a salad made from the lettuce from my garden last week and it was excellent. I have baby squash, tonnns of volunteer tomato plants but no fruit yet, and buds on the peppers! The grapes are starting also.

Phew. That's my life, really quick like. :p Time to get back to work!


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