Sunday, June 12, 2011

boutique and banners

Spent this weekend at the Splash into Summer Boutique in Lakewood! It was fun - got to be next to Wisalya again, which is nice because we are starting to think of some complementary projects. She makes super fantastic soaps and lotions, and I am going to start doing some ceramic soap dishes, and crocheted washcloths to go with them!

The boutique itself was very cute - about 15 vendors - mostly for girls/babies/young children. My earrings did pretty well - and I sold a few ceramics and a few magnets. I definitely need to make more magnets before the next show. I have some new ideas for those too - alphabet sets, and "how I am feeling today" sets too.

Tonight I've been messing around a bit with new banners for my etsy shop... here are the finalists. Right now I've got the yellow one up, but I may switch...

I've also got a few new listings up on etsy - trying to get photos of my most recent earrings up! I make too many, it's hard to keep track of them!!!

If anyone has any ideas for tracking inventory, please let me know. I could use it.

I traded a few items at the Splash into Summer Boutique, and I will do a better blogpost with links soon!


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