Monday, July 6, 2009


Hello my fine feathered friends! Today in the life of Roya...

I am exceptionally content and happy with my life at the moment. I had a huge potluck with friends and family for the 4th of July in my new and beautiful house/backyard, and it filled me with such joy that it has sustained until today! Also, Adam is happy with his job, his schedule, and his life, and so together we have just been a happy little couple which is such a nice change from the police-academy-just-holding-it-together couple we had been for the last 6 months. We've both had the time to remember that we love each other, to laugh at each other's jokes, and to appreciate the hell out of one another. Last night we went to see the Hangover, very funny, totally worth seeing, and SUCH a nice date night.

I had grapes from my yard for lunch today, I started puppy training with Juno on was tiring and discouraging at the time, but I am filled with new-found resolve today. I'm going to Step tonight, I'm going to ride my bike to karate tomorrow, I'm going to the circus on Wednesday, Ethan is visiting on Thursday... the week is flying! I have also officially taken the time off work for Marina's wedding, so that's a relief. haha.

I have the loveliest of houses, gardens, dogs, boyfriends, roommates, family, friends, jobs, and lives. Today is a happy day. I even worked on the striped kneesocks! I made doctor's and dentists appointments, grocery lists... good combo of catching up and fun. And it will continue!


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