Saturday, September 25, 2010


I am sitting on the floor beside my bed. The ceiling fan is on the 2nd setting. Adam is snoring, in bed behind me. Chris is in the computer room. His brother, David, arrived here from Vegas where he lives now, about 20 minutes ago. I had just finished watching an episode of Sons of Anarchy when he arrived. Our biggest dog, Rommel, is asleep next to the front door. Our other dog, Juno, is in the backyard because she's in heat. Every time I look out the bathroom window she is looking back at me. I'm awake at 12:53 in the morning. I am slowly adding bullet points to a paper that is due Thursday night, and I have done enough schoolwork today that I could go to bed totally satisfied. I have been restless for most of the day. I want to dye my hair and cut it. I want to buy new furniture. I want to paint the walls in my bedroom. I want to buy new shoes and clothes.

Tomorrow I am picking up a desk I found on craigslist, and dying my hair. Other things will have to wait, maybe until after grad school is over.

Tonight I read about Gestalt therapy, I read 150 pages of the DSM-IV-TR desk reference, and 3 articles about diagnosing. I worked an 8 hour day at Project Independence. I ate wonton soup, stir fry, rice, baked chips, gummy bears, two diet snapples, peanut butter and banana sandwich, crispy ranch chicken and spinach. I made all of it (except the snapples, gummy bears, and chips). Tomorrow I am going to cook swedish pancakes.

Right now I am going to get clothes out of the dryer and then lay down and try to sleep. My eyes are tired, but my mind is still going. I think this is what happens when you have caffeine.

Adam's dad gave me the guitar that used to belong to Adam's mom. It hasn't been played since she died. I tuned it carefully. It has a mixture of nylon and steel strings. I looked up chords for folk and country songs on my laptop and sang Adam to sleep while he read the 2nd to the last book in the Sword of Truth series. Tomorrow Chris and David are going to play disc golf. Adam is going to work. I will do many, many things.


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