Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's bee a long time - here's some catch up!

It has been too long since I've posted on here. I'd like to remedy that - I've been catching up on a few blogs that I read, and realized how much I miss this outlet.

Originally I had wanted this blog to be focused only on my craft/art projects, but I am not good at keeping my life compartmentalized, and everything bleeds into everything. That being said - there are some things happening in my life that I want to write about!

I scrolled down a little bit, and it looks like the last time I did a real update was about a year ago. I had a list of goals - I thought I'd start there!

As of a few months ago, my thesis is done done done! Paid for, bound, and on my bookshelf! It ended up being just about 100 pages, full of impressive looking charts and graphs, and an overwhelming amount of information. Since then I have done a research colloquium at CSULB, won 2nd place in a research competition, and submitted to the APA conference in Florida (which I did not win.) I have also taken this beast and turned it into an hour talk, which I presented at the Homeschool Association of California's annual conference early this august. It was really something for me - this is the community that helped me get my 1052 participants, and I loved being able to share it. I also conducted a round-table discussion about mental health and homeschoolers, which will play into my next steps: creating a private practice where homeschoolers are my main client base, and writing more articles.

I am DONE!!!!! I graduated!!!!!!! Woooohoooooooooo!!! 4.0 and a Masters of Science in Counseling baby!

I carry a caseload of about 10 individual clients and 1 group, in addition to training, supervision, advocacy and note writing hours. I also do outreach for this agency. Just finished up a year as a trainee, and since my degree posted...yesterday..I am considered Intern status. I also just reached about 1000 hours of experience, and only need approximately 2000 more before I can take my licensure exam. So you know - just about 2 more years...

I do outreach at my agency a few (paid) hours a week, but...yes. This is on my list because at some point here I'll have to figure it out...

I have been doing water aerobics in my parents pool most days. There is a spring triathlon in February that my sisters, husband and I intend to compete in. Just gotta train...

Right now what this means to me is - sleeping enough, drinking enough water, eating 80% "good", exercising most days, writing or collaging several times a week, spending time with my family, and doing purposeful relaxation at least once a day.

Grateful for a guy who supported me through school, and glad to have some time now to give to him. Like i said -I went to the HSC conference recently and it was a joy to talk to people about relationships and marriage and come home even more grateful for him.

Last time I wrote I had cousins from Spain out here - this time I have two cousins' weddings! My younger cousin B is getting married in December -I'm one of her bridesmaids. My older cousin A just got engaged. Looking forward to both celebrations, and loving our expanding family.

Still owe my Aunt some painted furniture -so we have a date this week to go get more paint. Then I am setting a real time line so I can get it done in the next few weeks. I have a few other smaller commissioned items to get out the door as well.

Ok here's the real reason I want to write again - I am 31 weeks pregnant with my first baby! Obviously that's taking up a lot of my time and energy right now :) We had our baby shower last week and I was overwhelmed with the support, love and presents from our family and friends. I've been making tons of baby stuff... I'll take some pictures and post soon. :)


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