Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Adam and I started doing P90X together - an intense 60-90 minutes of exercise a day, for 90 days. Yesterday was day 2 - I love doing this with him. We work hard, we giggle, we get damn near hysterical with how sore we are and how crazy it is. But it's good, very good. I am thrilled to have a project with him again. We took before photos/weighed measurements...can't wait to see those slim down. yeesh.

It's been raining here like crazy - we actually had a tornado touch down in the two cities next to where I live. Can I reiterate that I live in Southern CA, and other than the occasional earthquake, I've never experienced any weather heavier than a drizzle? This is crazy. Everything's flooding, kids are on lockdowns at schools, and while I was driving home yesterday, I was following a path of tornado-induced desctruction....downed trees, hurled dumpsters....madness.

Adam and I have a date set for our wedding! I went with my sisters/becky to try on bridesmaid dresses Monday..but alas, bridesmaid dresses are proving to be difficult. Everything I like, they're not so fond of. I think we'll just procrastinate until the weather gets warmer and boutiques start selling sundresses again.

The Walk for Independence happened on Sunday, and happened well. We raised a ton of money, and a good time was had by all. I am proud of myself for certain things that I don't want to write about here, but I felt a shift in my own ability to handle one particularly debilitating emotion - defensiveness.

A few medical things have been popping up for me this week, which has taken a toll on my energy that I hope no one else notices. I want to sit on only the cushiest of couches, while covered by the softest of blankets while drinking the warmest of teas. It's another little bite of evidence of growing up....dealing with stuff even when it's inconvenient, even when you just don't want to. I'm a little discouraged about some things, but called and made two separate appointments today, and hopefully these things will start to improve. I am tired of being in pain, though. That exhausts me. I've never been good at pain. It's especially inconvenient because it's not something that anyone could just see and understand - you know, when your arm is broken, you've got a cast and people don't expect you to lift boxes at work. Nobody knows about mine, though, and I feel awful for having to succumb to it publicly, sometimes.

Anyways, I got in a nice little venting session to Adam last night - and was able to cut it off when I got tired of feeling sorry for myself. I tend to go on and on whenever given the chance - and Adam always gets wiped out of emotion before I do, which makes him not want to get me this was nice to get to vent to him, get support, and then find my end before he reached his.

I have two orders for knitted hats I should get started on! I need to get myself to a yarn store - I don't have any of the yarn I will need for this. Excited to start on it. Excited to make a little bit of money for the honeymoon fund.

Wanting to renew my efforts with my etsy site. I have a lot of half finished items in the closet..once I am done with the two hats, I'll get those out and see. I want to get going on my aunt's chair project as well, but I don't have any space to work when it's wet and raining like this. But that is my number one top priority as soon as I can make it happen.

Adam and I talked finances the other day, and realized that he's just not eating at home so I should stop cooking like he is. It frees up a fair amount of my time...and although I am sort of missing cooking, I am liking the time, and it's way easier to keep the kitchen clean! Hah. I still cook for myself - well, cook is a strong word - I chop and gather for myself - I have been living off of assorted salads, and the cereal equivelant. What I mean is that I chop up almost everything I can to put in my salads - 3 types of lettuce, sprouts, cucumbers, carrots, onions, cranberries, apples, pears, pine nuts,

to be cont. later


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