Sunday, January 10, 2010

unschooling symposium

Spent the weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico at an Unschooling Symposium. We stayed at this rad compound up on a hill above Santa Fe's plaza...we had a bunch of separate condos, and a big common room where we ate, presented, and played games.

It was fun meeting a bunch of unschoolers I'd heard about through my mom, but I especially love just getting to hang out with Dodds for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, I flew in too late to hear my mom or Sandra speak, but I did get to participate in the show and tell, and the young adult pannel yesterday.

When we went down the hill to Santa Fe we found not one, but two yarn stores. I bought sock yarn at the first, and I am making my first cabled project! I love it. I bought a ton of merino roving at the 2nd place...I am going to save it and dye it myself, and then spin it for whatever project I want later.

So right now people are herding cats - trying to decide what is happening and who is leaving and who is staying and where we are going...I think the plan is to stay here and play games for a little while longer, and then head to albuequerque to see the Dodd's house, and then to the airport for a 6:45pm flight. We get in around 9something, I drive Roxana to UCI, and then head to home for sleep so I can get up and go to work in the morning. Kind of sad to think that tomorrow, life resumes as usual. I miss Adam - I always miss Adam, but I always want him to join ME where I am, rather than for me to go home. :P

Anyways - time to go knit and play games.


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