Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Googling Lorenzo

My cousin Alex and I are doing this napowrimo thing, where we write one poem a day for the month of april. He wrote this one about me today, and it's ridiculously sweet and full of inside info and awww my cousin.

Googling Lorenzo

Roya Sorooshian Tafti
with your saturn's ring mind
and predilections for onions and sumac
spinner of plates
knitter of mittens
washer of park ranger socks
giver of autistic smiles
and down syndrome claps of joy

oh tormentor of the scalp
those are not freckles on your face
but your persian soul oozing out
seeking desert
or at the very least
a thermostat reset

you found love
on the back of a motorcycle
and it wasn't lorenzo lamas
(yes I realize you are far too young to get that reference
I'll wait
while you
google him
he is quite handsome)
but thats ok
lamas couldn't make you happy anyway
and you found your own renegade
sans wise indian side kick
(for now)

oh keeper of fancy nancy
the light bulb never shined so bright
until you
alaska is empty without you
the point is
i'm glad
you are
who you are
(what a reckless way to say I love you)


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