Thursday, April 1, 2010

project to dos

Yesterday I glazed some cups that I'd kept since I threw them - in 2005. Holy cow. (hahaha I just typed "holy cowl" which actually makes more sense than a spiritual bovine. Ahahaha I'm so tired I'm delirious).

I had about 26 cups, some of which I'd drawn or written on first in high fire glaze pencil, and so I have nooo idea how they will turn out. I'm looking forward to seeing it tho. I threw a few small flower pots - I'd like to throw a bunch more and line my wedding with them. Maybe even give them to folks as favors. We shall see.

I have Sat/Sun/Mon off work - debating starting some clay projects at home since I'd have time to work on them and let them dry, and work some more. I'd like to make some platters for food for the wedding also.

I'm so tired today that I am having trouble going far in one direction of thought.

My garden is doing well - except for the same damn corner of onions that Juno keeps ripping up. I finally left it - that's her garden now, I guess.

I need to make a list of projects and materials I need to purchase for these projects, and prioritize. I've got Julie's chairs, Tulip's dog sweater, my wedding, my garden - as the biggies. Tulips dog sweater I just need to do a little research, sit down, and knit the damn thing. I don't think it'll take THAT long. Julie's chair - I need to print fish, and then finish this one. Then I'll tackle the next one. The garden - I want more plants, I need to string up beans, finish painting the fence, and buy a hose for the backyard. The wedding - finish invites, (buy envelopes, stamps), favors (buy catalyst, resin, magnets), collect glass jars, make ceramics. And also - I want to buy a cheap coffee table and mosaic it in the next month. We're doing a mosaic workshop at work and I want to use it as an example. Also, I hate our current coffee table.

So that's all from me, for now.


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