Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sunday Funday

Having a little bit of a rough week - staying up just a little too late, and then waking up just a little too early... I need to get some real, deep, quality sleep soon. I also found out that I did not get either of the 2 scholarships that I applied for, so I am feeling a little discouraged about that. It makes my selling my items even more imperative to be able to afford grad school!!

The Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festival is coming up on Sunday. I have about 90 pairs of earrings, some coin purses, bags, beanies, and some ceramics ready to go. I am still working hard on making more earrings though. I recently got some tie-dye embroidery floss and am making new earrings with that! They're fun. :) They also remind me so much of my mom, and every homeschooled mama that gathers at conferences and camp outs.

So this Sunday - Patchwork Indie. I am sharing a booth with Wisayla LeBlanc who was one of the most popular sellers at the Backyard Bazaar. She sells lotions and soaps and her lip balm is one of my favorites.
I also just found out that Long Beach's fantaaastic Independent bookstore, Open, will be there on Sunday as well. So make sure you stop by there, and my booth - #128 also!!

The other photo in this blog is just me as a little kid. I just found it and it makes me happy, so I thought i'd blog it. That's all. The end!


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