Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I go back and forth between awesome and productive and frustrated and ineffective. I need to stop depending so much on Adam's moods to dictate which direction I go. Marina made some comment before about remembering that I am not in charge of his emotions, and I need to remember that too! I get used to him caring about all the little details, and then I get frustrated when I tell him things that yes - might be way too much detail for most people, but empirically speaking he's wanted to know them - and then he doesn't want to hear it. Grr.

Oh well. Wrote it down, done now. And cable is getting hooked up no matter how frustrating it is for whoever. ;)

We got the keys to the new place last night! I have moved in one carload of stuff, and have another carload with me now to take. I would like to have everything possible moved by Saturday, so that Saturday I can spend working on the garden while I wait for the cable guy. Sunday we'll hopefully get the big stuff moved, so that we can spend the next week cleaning out the old place.

I love moving. And it's a crazy pain. Also, Adam and I will now have a roommate, which will be wonderful (Chris is superb) but add an unknown-for-me element. We shall see!

I haven't picked up knitting in weeks, it feels like. I've been busy.

I went camping in the Sierra Nevada's last weekend - take a look at my blog at sparkpeople.com for a photographed account of that. Also my facebook has all the photos too.

Adam also graduated the police academy...woohoo!

I am not coherant right now, I keep thinking of things I need to do. So that's all for now.


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