Thursday, February 18, 2010

Purple shawl

This is the shawl I was talking about in the last entry. I'm not too thrilled about the colors in these photos - doesn't show up the richness of the yarn, but oh well. My co-worker, Rosie, is the model in some of them, and I am in the other ones. The one where I am holding it and you can see my face - she was playing with a feature of the camera where it will grab just one color and the rest will be in black and white. Pretty nifty.
I did another two sections of my new orange shawl last night, more photos of that to come too. I'd like to take pictures of all the projects I have laying around my house - if for no other reason than I'd like to update my projects page with them so there aren't those ugly blank image squares.

Yesterday I took the Juno-dog on a pretty long walk with my dad. She did so much better than she ever has with me before. I'm encouraged, and I feel, finally, like a good pet owner. Adam fell asleep watching Rome in the living room last night, and sometime during the night I woke up to find that Juno had climbed into bed with me, where she stayed til I left for work this morning.

I joined the Freedom Gardner's networking site today - made me excited to start seeds with my dad. I'm very excited about the time change and having daylight when I get home from work. My next step is to finish the fence with Adam so that I can have a garden that remains dog-free. Juno discovered a taste for zucchini last year - I'd go out back and find just a little stump where there used to be a whole vegetable.


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