Friday, August 29, 2008


I am inspired all over again, and am so glad I have this whole weekend to work on different projects. A coworker of mine brought me two big books - one on glass painting, and one on Great Gifts, and I am jazzed to start working on all these new ideas.

I am almost done with my purple and blue scarf, and will need my next project. I think until I have a chance to go buy a few supplies, I'll be making more felted bowls. I just love those things - I want to do more in brighter colors.

I wanted to remember a few things when I send out packages:

1. Put a note with the buyer's name on them, so it makes them feel like they are opening a present
2. Anytime I can use a bag, sew one
3. Look at my new notebook of gift ideas for really good ideas to wrap packages
4. Send along a magnet as a thank you extra gift

also - for pictures,
I was looking at this painting glass book, and I want to look at other examples of how to take striking pictures. Also - another coworker of mine might be selling her little digital camera, so I may try to scoop that up so I have better photos.

That's all for now!



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