Monday, May 4, 2009

stuff and lists


1. Stop working at 5
2. Change into workout clothes
3. Do workout video for new Spark Challenge at work
4. Buy resistance band
5. Buy fabric softner
5. Go back to work or go home and do 2nd workout video
6. Soak tank top in water and fabric softener
7. Block tank top
8. Buy milk, chicken broth, chicken, fruit
9. Pick up dog poop
10. Clean coffee table
11. Make bed
12. Make lunches for tomorrow
13. Do 30 minutes of other cardio


1. Excited about new team "Sweatsuit to Swimsuit"
2. Annoyed at mother of client for yelling at me for 30 minutes
3. Anxious to go workout
4. Stomachache and cramps
5. Feeling like too much planning not enough doing.
6. Is broke and annoyed by brokeness.
7. Continuing to knit Julianna


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