Sunday, May 3, 2009

lazy sunday

Yesterday my sister and I were in San Diego for the 1st ever Sparkpeople convention. As a seasoned conference and convention goer, I definitely have some tips for them for the next time, but as it was it was exciting, energizing, and I am really glad I got to be there for the first one.

I also had a chance to finish knitting all of the pieces of the askew tank top - now all I need to do is block it. I've never blocked anything before in my life, so I'm sort of procrastinating. I started working on the Julianna berreco pattern with the yarn that I bought on ebay. I don't have enough yarn to actually finish this project, though, so at some point I'll need to buy more. It's sort of slow going, but very satisfying - I love alpaca, and this color red ("redwood mix") is deep and again, satisfying.

Adam and I have been enjoying an incredibly lazy Sunday. He had to work yesterday and I was in SD, so today all that I've done is make breakfast, get lunch, pick up dry cleaning, and bake cookies. Oh, and knit. A lot. I woke up at 6am and started knitting. it's now 3:30 and that's pretty much all I've done.

My plans for today include working out, making dinner, and making lunches. But for the moment, I am still totally content with my knitting! I need to be aware of the fact that I tend to get very restless on Sunday evenings if I haven't gotten out of the house, but I am hoping that a trip to the gym and grocery store will do it for me. :p

Okay, I've spent enough time away from my Julianna. Back to knitting!


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