Wednesday, May 6, 2009

want to mooooove

I've been so antsy at work all day long. I think because my day started with a 2 hour long meeting, I just felt like a little kid had grabbed onto both my legs and wasn't letting go so I was dragging them along. To combat this feeling, I have been running up and down the stairs all day, asking people downstairs to tell me when they have something that needs to go up, so I can take it. I also did 100 calf exercises on the bottom step of the stairs, and....I put a workout video up on my computer as background music - if I can't actually exercise, at least I'm preparing myself mentally for 5pm! Sick, maybe, but it's working. I can't wait to get done and work out.

I am debating working out here in my office, or going home. I think if I go home I'll find other things I need to do and won't work out as much. We shall see.

Otherwise, I need to make lunches, pick up/drop off dry cleaning, do my Sweatsuit to Swimsuit challenge video, and do SOMETHING with the dishes and the dining room table. I also need to eat one more servings of veggies for my StoS extra challenge. Tomorrow is karate, Friday I get off work early, and then - WEEKEND!


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