Wednesday, October 22, 2008

for PETRA - halloween prep

This is the walkway where people will park and walk to the building. We are looking towards the parking lot, away from where we will have the party. I'd love this area to be decorated also - I have a ton of orange/black streamers and cobwebs.

The walkway curves.........

and leads into this open area. This is where I think we will have space to do the cakewalk. Although it is brick, I don't want to use chalk or anything (we are in a business complex) - but tape with numbers would be okay. Make sure there is lots of room between them - some folks will have walkers/wheel chairs, and make the numbers fairly large for folks with vision issues. We will need to light this area - if you could bring whatever extension cords you have, that would help.

This is the grass area next to where the cake walk can be. (see that little corner next to the tree trunk?) I thought this would be ideal for a graveyard or for that giant ghost becky was talking about. This is right next to the door of the big room.

This will be the main entrance. I think we should probably have the sign-in table outside, because it will be awfully crowded with food/music/people inside. I have a sign-in sheet for the sign in table, and can provide name tags if you want (you guys decide if you think that's needed or not) - I also have some halloween stamps we can put on them. I have a form called a Progress Note, that some of our clients will need to intial, I will provide a sign-in sheet in addition to that. We will probably want some decorations/table cloth for that table also - plus chairs for whoever is sitting there. :)

Okay - we are now looking from the inside out through the doors we just went through. On the left is part of the "kitchen" counter. There is one of the 2 big coolers we can use. We also have two giant drink-coolers.

This is the kitchen area - as you can see under the table in the back, I have about 10 huge bags of chips (potato and tortilla) - the counters might want some table cloth/decorations, and there is also a fridge/freezer on the right. There is nothing separating the kitchen from the big room except those tables you see right there.

On the right is the kitchen area and entrance to the room. I am standing about 2/3 of the way back to give you an idea of the length of the room. Down at the end you can see from this photo, you can see a big white screen - that will be taken down, and there is a big screen tv behind it which I have hooked the karaoke machine up to. I have about 10 karaoke cds, becky has about 10 more, and it'd be neat if everyone brought more - but please make sure they are labeled. If I have extra karaoke cds at the end of the night, I am keeping them!! :)

This is another photo of almost the same shot, just going to the left a little. See the chairs? See the tables? The tables are actually really heavy, so when you guys first get here friday we'll do the moving and figuring out where we want them. It'd be nice, if the weather is good and we have enough light, to put them outside for people to sit and eat and talk at - just to give more space. Also - note the streamers? Those are just leftover from a smaller halloween party that was held here yesterday. We can take them down, leave them there, add to them, whatever.

This is the back of the room. Note the windows. So that's pretty much it. Almost exactly behind where I was standing to take this photo is a small hallway with the bathrooms, and another doorway leading out to the parking lot and another entrance. I'd like us to block that off somehow so people don't go in/out of there at the beginning - just so our sign in table is more effective.
Other random things I am thinking of - I have forms for people to vote on their top three favorite halloween costumes, I have halloween stamps and stamp pads if we want to do something with those, I have about 7 cardboard tombstones that need RIP painted, but they're here, I have some plastic bones, two plastic pumpkin buckets...
We officially have 67 clients and 19 staff signed up. I gaurantee you that more will appear than we expect - let's make sure to get their names down even if they are not on the list. I will have a cash box also - there will be people paying 15 or 18 dollars at the door. I will give the sign in folks a list of who they need to collect from also.
Please let me know if you have any other questions or ideas. I am so excited about this - and I am sorry I didn't think about doing this photo thing sooner! is my work email, and my work # is 714-549-3464 ex. 239


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