Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today is one of those days where I really wish I was just at my parent's house, hanging out with my little sisters, watching The Office and crocheting. Instead I am at work, wishing that my lunch could last a litttttle longer.

In more content news, a friend of mine came over last night to learn how to knit a beanie, so she knitted and I crocheted, and fun was had by all. I even had time to do some cleaning up, and made a giant taco salald - in between watching Project Runway and Top Design.

I am still head over heels for these granny square bags - in fact, I got one more custom order, so I need to get yarn for that.

OOOH I don't know if I mentioned a very, very cool gift that someone gave me - a coworker that I turned onto etsy ( - go there!) is a photographer, and I was complaining about my lack of photographic skills... so the next day, guess what he brings me?

My very own lightbox! Yay! I am so excited to use this. I took a few photos with it, and I am so impressed by how much more professional the photos look. This picture is one of the ones I took with the lightbox - how cool is that?? I'll tell ya - freaking cool!
Alright. Lunch is over. Can't wait til five. Delivering one of my sold etsy orders after work, and then karate and hopefully some crocheting in there somewhere!!!


Daniel said...

That's a good looking mug.

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