Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October Featured Etsy Blogger!

This is my very first post about a featured etsy blogger, so first let me tell you exactly what that is!

Once a month, the etsy bloggers team chooses someone to be their featured blogger. They get to bask in the warm rays of appreciation and blog articles for an entire month - the rest of us each post an entry about them, their blog, and their etsy shop. I love this idea - love supporting other etsians this way!

So without any further ado... here is October's Featured Etsian Blogger!

bfbeads.etsy.com- baby friendly beads! Jewelry, necklaces,bracelets - for nursing mama's!

I love this idea. I am not a mother yet - but I have held my fair share of grasping-pinching-flailing babies...I have a love of dangling earrings and also have a nose ring, which can be problematic. I have witnessed first hand the importance of baby-friendly jewelry!

Bfbeads jewelry is not only functional but really beautiful as well. One of my favorite aspects of it is reading the titles of the pieces - you can tell that there is a lot of thought put behind each piece.
So three cheers for baby friendliness! bfbeads.etsy.com!


Jen said...

Thanks so much for your three cheers and for this great post about my Baby Friendly Beads jewelry! I really appreciate it. And welcome to the Etsybloggers team!!!

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