Tuesday, October 7, 2008

yay gardening

The reason my post about gardening is going on my etsy blog, is because it's something I am creating with my own two hands -and it gives me the same self-sufficient feeling that making something utilitarian into an art form does.

There's my justification. Here's my post!

So yesterday I went to Home Depot and purcashed a gajillion plants for "winter" gardening (although the temperature here was 98 degrees today..). I don't have anything in the way of a real garden space in my backyard, so instead what I do is plant everything in pots, and cluster them in one corner of the backyard, so it kind of *looks* like a garden. My wonderful, amazing, handy boyfriend actually made me a white picket fence to put around my garden area so the dog won't pee on them. ;oP

During the summer I had tomatoes, jalapenos, cucumbers, strawberries, thyme, basil, cilantro and chives. The jalapenos grew like crazy - I have never had success like I had with those peppers. My cucumbers didn't do as well - one plant died right off the bat, and the other produced about 4 or 5 fruits. My tomatoes produced so much that I could not eat them all. We were having some serious fly issues, though, and I think the flies were doing something funny to the tomatoes, so I was always a little iffy about them. I let the cilantro go to seed accidently, and then kind of...neglected.. my poor garden. Anyways, I uprooted the dead plants, revitalized the ones I could salvage, and then bought.......

more strawberries
3 artichoke plants
6 red cabbages
12 romaine lettuce
6 red lettuce
1 acorn squash
1 butternut squash
1 crookneck squash
1 zucchini
6 cauliflower
1 strawberry

also - seeds for snap peas, bok choy, and spinach

I want carrots, too. I would do potatoes but those big giant prehistoric bugs that go along with them freak me out!

Anyways, I am super excited about my garden. I can't wait to take my crocheting out and sit amongst my leafy greens. :) (there, full circle, back to etsy..)


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