Sunday, October 12, 2008

I got a lot done on mygranny square bags this weekend - finished emily's, finished amber's - took pictures and posted them. I am really happy with them! I also listed a few new ones, and did the liners for a few more.

The photo is emily's bag... originally supposed to be small plastic handles, we decided on longer canvas ones so it could be an over-the-shoulder bag. I was a little skeptical about how such a large bag would work, but I think it turned out superbly.

The blue bag has been listed on etsy - it wasn't a custom order.

It's been getting colder and colder and colder this week - we actually turned the heater on tonight. I have been thinking about knitting or crocheting some personal items (fingerless gloves!!!) but here it is, 8pm on Sunday night, and I am busy all week.

I am proud of the photos I took today. I managed to get outside while it was daylight which definitely adds a lot. Nothing beats natural lighting, eh?

Okie dokie. That's all for now. I am going to go make progress on something - I crocheted a few flowers for a new bag, so I think I will go work on that!


River Glorious said...

I really like those granny square purses. :) :) :)

Hazel May said...

UGH. You and your knitting skills. Yeah, I tried to knit a couple times. It always ended with me having a vehement wrestling match with the yarn while screaming "I am NEVER, EVER, NEVER doing this EVER again! ArrrrGGG!".

But when I see things like these bags, I whine and complain saying "I wanna do that".

My life is a never ending carousel of personal knitting issues.

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