Thursday, October 15, 2009

adam xmas

I am trying to track down a christmas present for Adam that I found in Vegas - he's been looking for this particular thing for EVER and ever and ever, and I found it on a day where I didn't have my wallet. Soooo I spent several hours of detective work, calling and googling, and nobody could tell me the name of the kiosk on fremont street that I found it at! So then I called the security department for downtown vegas, who knew the name of it, and I googled some more, found it's parent company, talked to the warehouse, who gave me another number, who gave me another number - and I have finally got in contact with Lupe - who went to the kiosk today to find it for me.

Unfortunately, it's not the same thing that I wanted. Hoowwwever, I do have a picture of what I want on my phone, so I just sent that to her, and she thinks they can make me a custom one. AHHHH. This is crazy. And he is so not going to appreciate the work. ;)

Woke up sick, feeling a little better as the day goes on. It's still gray and great out there - I brought some tea and hot chocolate with me to work...I figure if I can't curl up on my couch drinking it at home, I can at least have some here.

Okay. Back to work.


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