Tuesday, October 6, 2009

heavy, heavy eyelids

So. So. So. tired.

It looks so wonderful outside, from the window-wall of my office (I am incredibly lucky: two whole walls of my office are floor to ceiling windows) - bright and crisp, sunny and coollld. I would like to go home and clean. I need to vacuum and clean the kitchen. I know it seems like I spend my whole life cleaning, but I'm such a messy person that it never STAYS clean. I do dishes and then cook and then wham, everythings back to how it was again. I hate that! I want to clean and cook and knit and sew and do all that stuff and not have messes at the end of it. I want to be able to build on the cleanliness of my house and make it pretty - but I feel like I only ever have time to keep the clutter barely reigned in. This is what happens when you work full time, are taking a class, and have actual interests.

Last night I closed myself off in the bathroom and painted until 11:30. Why the bathroom, you ask? Best lighting. Today I woke up tired. I worked 14 hours yesterday.

I did a bunch of knitting on my lunch break - I have about 4 more inches left for the back of the Slouchy Cardigan, then I can start the front! Yeehaw. It took 2 skeins for the back - so I think I will probably need 5 more skeins at least. I think I have 3 left. I will need to find more of this yarn!

Today my brilliant plan is...work, stop at home realllly quickly and get my parking pass/gym membership, go to class, stop at the gym on the way home from class, get home and bake chicken and make red beans and rice. Then sleep. A lot.



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