Friday, October 2, 2009

pictures from class, adam

Yesterday was a pretty darn good day - I did a LOT of work crammed into the regular number of hours, which always makes me feel good. I also did a presentation at CalOptima, and I do love speaking about PI because I believe in the mission of our company so strongly. It's very rejuvenating to tell a group of interested outsides the good parts about us.

After work I headed to my painting class - it's coming along... it's due Tuesday, which means I have some serious work to put into it over the weekend.

Today I have a bunch of excellent work to do in preparation for the Steering Committee Meeting, making the next newsletter, and preparing for the cruise to the Bahamas we are going on at the end of the month.

Time to get going. Tonight after work I hang out with Roxana, and then hopefully make it back home in time to make some lunch for A for tomorrow. I need to spend some good old fashioned TIME with my boyfriend. Sometimes the schedule we have, where he comes home after I should already be asleep - is very frustrating. I got really cranky last night because he woke me up when he got home, but he was asleep when I left this morning - so if we don't wake each other up, we don't really talk for 4 days at a time. No bueno. Maybe I should get him flowers and candy. ;) It's hard for me to balance the practical necessity of SLEEP with the just-as-legitimate-need for Adam time. Hrmph. I am glad it's nearly the weekend!


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