Sunday, October 4, 2009

sunday sunday sunday

Just cleaned up the garden - staked up the tomatoes better, got rid of dead cucumbers and marigolds, made a trellis and planted two rows of peas on either side of it...cut down all the seeded basil, hung the green ones to dry, and sorted out the seeds of the dried ones to save for the spring! Wondering what I want to plant next....

The weather really has been changing, and although I spent the whole time in a tank top, now that I am sitting still there is a breeze and I'm a little chilly. This morning I was downright cold. Yippee!

I am about 60% done with the back of my Slouchy Cardigan that I am making - it's a pattern from The Knit Cafe book. It /looks/ like pretty much the perfect sweater, and I really love the yarn I am using (a deep bergundy "raspberry" light alpaca). Tonight I am planning on fending off the Sunday night desperation with something yummy smelling in the oven, curling up in a blanket I've crocheted, and working on that sweater.

In the meantime, however, I am going to go finish up the laundry, then go for a walk/run in the neighborhood while listening to Harry Potter on tape.

Last night I hung out at Alex's with him and some friends - 3 of them I've known since I was leeeetle. We sat outside by the bonfire and laughed hysterically as we played the most intellectually snobby version of the alphabet game, and the most random and entertaining version of the Name Game. Three cheers for good old fashioned fun. ;)

Tonight's dinner I think will be: Hungry Girl chicken pot pie - and, maybe another kind of pie for dessert. Mmmm.


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