Tuesday, September 30, 2008

carnival schedule

September 29th - A Keeper's JackpotTopic one:Autumn. Blog about the season, memories of the past, plans for this fall. Fall decorations, fall crafts. Apple picking, back to school, foliage, as examples.Topic two:"In summery" ;-) get it? Instead of summary... Sum up what you did this summer. Highlights, activities, vacations. Things you accomplished.October 13th - Joey & Aleethea1). Work: Blog about anything to do with your work (past, present or future) which is outside of Etsy.2). Relax: Blog about what you do to relax. October 27th - A Keeper's JackpotTheme 1) Spooky:Tell a spooky story, real or made up. Or present a Halloween crafting project or something in your shop that will give us the creeps Theme 2) Recipes!It's never too early to plan your holiday dinners. Share a recipe for something that we can share with our loved ones. If you have pictures, that's great too! November 10th - ShellMitchell1). What are you working on? Post about the fabulous creation you are currently working on.or2). Veteran's Day - Veteran's Day is November 11th. Share a story about your favorite veteran or what you will be doing with your day off. November 24th - Jersey Girl Design1. What is your favorite tradition for the Thanksgiving holiday? 2. How are you going to prepare your business for the holiday rush?December 8th - Home Made OriginalsDecember 8 is "National Brownie Day" and "Winter Flowers Day". 1.Post your favorite brownie recipe and or memory about brownies2.Post about winter flowers, flowers in winter.December 22nd - Stormy Designs1. Christmas traditions & recipes- Share Christmas traditions or your favorite holiday recipe.2. Christmas spotlight- Show & tell of a Christmas item in your shop or your favorite gift idea in someone else's shop.


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