Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This is my "frame corner" where I hang all of the picture frames I have either completed or am working on. I like to have them up, because not only do I enjoy looking at them, but this way they don't get scratched or anything. I go back and forth about selling these, actually, because I really do love them so much. There aaarre a few that I have scattered around the rest of my house, with my own photos in them, that I probably won't sell because I like them that much.

One of my more ingenious organizational tools - and also handmade - the red hanging pouch for my knitting needles, crochet hooks, and paintbrushes! Years ago I was in terrible need for a way to organize those things, and hand sewed this out of red corduroy. It's actually really long, with a lot of pockets - about half of it is tucked behind it, because I just don't need it right now. But it has the ability to groowww if I ever do need the extra pockets. Down below are all my drawing pads, canvases, and a few old wallpaper books I hope to alter. There are also some blank picture frames and embroidery hoops.

My boyfriend found this clear trunk in the alley when we moved - and I cleaned it out and it is now the perfect yarn holder. This is only one of my yarn containers, though - I have another hamper full somewhere....


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