Thursday, September 18, 2008

hi world,

Made a few more felted bowls last night. I am madly in love with them even if no one else has bit yet. I also joined Imagination Tribe ( so we shall see what we shall see! I noticed that my mommy is on there and put my etsy site on her page, AND, my little sister posted about my etsy site on her blog and on her myspace, which made me feel awfully loved.

Short post for now - lots of stuff to do. Did I mention that I finished a personal craft project? I made my first braided rug (out of tshirts) and began another one. I think I want to take this new one apart and start over though - I don't want to settle for subpar and there are at LEAST 4 threads showing!

I want to bake bread and work on my rug tonight. Adam is off camping and working till Saturday night - so I think I am going to take over the livingroom with crafts and thai food and my chick flicks til he gets back. :)


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