Tuesday, September 16, 2008

etsy chats

Every day for the past few days I have found myself in an etsy chatroom. I am in love. I am remembering being 13 and spending insane amounts of time online talking to HSC and NBTSC folks on IRC. It's so similar, and yet so different, that it's tapping into every delighted part of my being!

It's already dark out - only 7:15 pm, and I am sitting here at my work computer (because I am technically studying), wishing that I was wearing comfy clothes and a scarf. I am obsessed with this time of year, I am fixated, I yearn for it and when it feels like it is starting to approach, I am irrepresibly GIDDY.


So the onset of autumn and talking to all these etsy folks online has made me crave...a certain life, and I am not sure when or how I will get it, but I want it, the way only I know how to want something. I want babies, and I want braided rugs, I want Adam working outdoors safisfied and happy, I want to bake pies and healthy things and I want to make crafts and sell them, I want a garden and I want to always be working at being more self-sufficient. Somewhere in there I want to run a camp and to do art therapy and to travel to Italy for sunsoaked weeks. But right now, I want a livingroom with handmade EVERYTHING, a toddler playing somewhere close, a husband, and a computer in my lap with an etsy chat room open.

So that's my silly post of the day. I want to be domesticated.

Instead - right now, I sitting in my barefeet because my high heels finally hurt too much, and I am trying really hard to finish just three measly chapters of developmental psychology. I have no food in the fridge at home, but I just consumed a bag of popcorn here. I made three crocheted bowls on my lunchbreak and when I get home I will felt them.

Last night I finished my very first braided rug. It was amazingly time consuming, but I would LOVE to add it to my etsy repetoire. Something to think about for later!!!


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