Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ceramics, mostly

Those of you who have known me for a long time would probably be surprised that it didn't really occur to me to sell ceramics until recently. Durr. That's only been you know, my biggest obsession since I was 13. Anyhoo - at the moment, it is difficult for me to find the time to do any wheel throwing, because I have to go down to Irvine Fine Arts Center and spend an entire day just throwing/adding handles, and then go back in a few weeks to glaze, and then go back again to pick up my stuff. It's hard for me to have so much disconnect between the processes.

I wish I had my own wheel. That'd be an amazing birthday present, btw - those of you who want to band together.. A Laguna Pacifica GT 800 would be just about perrrfect. ;)

In any case - I got out some mugs I had made before, and posted them on my etsy site! Woohoo. They are now for sale!
This Saturday I will also try to go down to Irvine and throw. I'd love to make sets of things - sake glassses and pitchers, cups, bowls, etc. etc. etc. I miss ceramics!
I also received three custom orders on my handbags this week! I will be making one with a white center, red petals, black background with black handles, one bright pink LARGE bag with clear plastic handles, and one with a purple flower and green background and black plastic handles.
Super excited about these orders! I am reallllly loving these bags. I finally found what feels like a good niche could be for me. YAY!


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