Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Alrighty - perusing just now, I was reading an article about preparing for the holidays. This will be my first holiday season trying to sell things - and I want to make sure I am at least a little bit prepared.

1. I am looking into the Holiday Art Show at Edison, where my dad works. I am hoping it's not too late (or too expensive) to sign up for a booth.

2. Maybe I could make hand made christmas cards to include with every purchase for the next couple of months as an incentive.

3. Someone on some post had the idea of "drop lifting" little business card/gift/coupon things everywhere -grocery store, hair dresser, library, etc.

4. Start a mailing list, send postcards or newsletters.

5. Do christmas/holiday themed photo shoots of my products

6. Use my new gift book and create gift baskets with my handmade presents

I am chomping at the bit right now, wanting to hurry up and EXPAND but I can also only go as far as I have products to sell. I have a lot of different directions to go in - and I am not sure which one to pick and follow first.

I guess I'll start with this new camera, and take some better photos. This weekend I should really devote to making a plan of action!


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