Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ate too much for lunch. blech. but it was really good food!!! I tried birria for the first time (goat) at this dinky little hole-in-the-wall "autentic" mexican place on 19th street. Soooo yummy. I am a goat convert. ;)

Today I am planning on going to the workout class and to the karate class, so that's two full hours of working out. Hopefully that puts the goat in its place.

Yesterday I did an hour and a half of exercise, but a bunch of different things. It was excellent. Today I am tired due to my medication, which I keep forgetting to take until late. I need to remember to take it around 7 instead of around 10:30.

I ordered a bunch of yarn online yesterday - to make one of the patterns Heidi posted. I found the Berreco redwood mix for 1/2 off on ebay, so I bought a bunch. I can't wait to start an intricate knitting project. I haven't done any knitting in a very long time.

This is all from me. Tonight I hope to cook another hungry girl recipe - healthy beef stroganoff. I need to go to the grocery store though. And to the dry cleaners. Ah!


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