Monday, April 20, 2009

three cheers for the SUN!

Today started with my spilling 5 gallons of white paint in the trunk of my car. 2 very hot and sweaty hours later, I have salvaged what I could from the trunk (so long first aid kit..) and the painted carmat is drying out on the lawn.

It must be because I actually got enough sleep last night that I was laughing to myself the whole time.

Or, it could be because it's incredibly, ridiculously, wonderfully hot outside and I love this weather. I am so tired of feeling cold. I am so happy to be feeling sunshine all the way down to my bones.

Today I have a marvelous afternoon/evening planned. As soon as work is done, Emily, work-Rosie and I will be heading to the beach to exercise. Then I plan on reading Tamora Pierce books while eating strawberries whilst laying in my bathing suit on the sand. When I tire of my leisure, I will pick my sunsoaked self up and go to Mother's Market, where I will buy tofu shirataki. Once home, I will play with the doggies, make Adam's lunch, do the dishes, and make shirataki alfredo a la Hungry Girl for my dinner/lunch tomorrow. Then I will proceed to do my new beginners yoga dvd that makes me feel so happy at the end of it.

I am going to enjoy the heck out of this day of sunshine and wellness. There's a 5k run at Disneyland in September, I'd like to train to run in that. This is new, big, exciting - but in the summer, everything is possible.


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