Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Want to knit knit knit knit knit. How do I combine my desire for sitting-still-and-crafting with my urge to get-outside-and-move-more? Maybe I could knit while on a stationary bike. Maybe I could knit while just being outside and that would help. Maybe I really need to divide my day up into knitting and exercise portions so that I can accomplish both.

There are two tank tops that I want to knit - both from knitty.com - the Askew tank and the Cleo tank. Both hot stuff. The only garment I've ever made before was a sweater that I recently gave away to Marco because I didn't like how it curled up. I also knitted a beanie-for-pony-tails from knitty, which I wore a lot when it was cold, and I've got some socks... but I guess I haven't really done much other than scarves, shawls, and beanies. I'm really looking forward to making these tank tops. I also want to make that blanket - but I think maybe I won't follow her pattern, just do my own. We shall see.


I also started the bear-catching-salmon cross stitch, which is 2 in the series of 3 that I brought from Alaska. The moose at sunset isn't *quite* finished - I am being lazy and not going to buy the one color floss I ran out of. Once I do that, it will only be a day or two to finish it. Then I'll need to frame and hang it, because there's nothing else to do with cross stitch. ;)

The bear-catching-salmon one is tedious, but still interesting due to it's newness factor. There's a whole hell of a lot of blue.

So yes. I want to knit and do karate at the same time. How do I accomplish this??? Maybe I accomplish this by not grocery shopping or cooking today, but instead knitting. Hrm. Maybe. Food or yarn? easy choice for me, now I just have to get Adam to go along with it.


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