Friday, April 10, 2009

gray day

To be happy. Today I will.

Go to the library. Get books. Read books. Get books on tape/cd. Listen to them while I cross stitch.

Play with my puppy.

.....what else?

Last night was bad. I'd like today to be better. I don't know how. I was so happy yesterday when I got off work and went running. Then I got home and WHAM everything hit at once, but I can't even figure out WHAT was so bad, all I know is that I got totally overwhelmed and frustrated and exploded.

I'm very tired today. Maybe a nap is in order also.


cristie said...

I find that getting enough sleep pretty much always makes things seem better and more confrontable. It's remarkable that way. :) I hope you feel better after all your taking care of yourself!

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