Wednesday, April 22, 2009

good couple of days

The sun is out but it is not so hot as it was the last two days. Oh are a tease.
Yesterday was another marvelous day for me. Being warm and having sunlight makes SUCH a difference - a difference I don't even realize until I am OUTSIDE and the freckles are popping out on my shoulders and my smile feels warm and stretched and everything is happy.
So yesterday I went for a walk on my lunch break up on the river trail - california sagebrush and blackeyed susans and the sun on my shoulders some more. After work I went home and read some tamora pierce, but fell asleep and took a 2 hour nap. I got up, went to karate, then got home, did dishes, laundry, dog stuff, showered, made lunches, and did my yoga video. I had time to read some more and felt totally relaxed and wonderful all night.

Today after work I am going to go down to the beach and do a half hour of jogging and then lay on the sand for a while. I want to also find a weight watchers or hungry girl recipe to make for dinner, and something for lunches tomorrow.

I love this weather. Adam's schedule has been nice too - this week he hasn't had to be at the academy until 11 or 12, and has been getting home around 11pm, but he still wakes up at 7am with me. So it's been neat getting to hang out with him while I get ready, and then have the house to myself during the evening so I can clean up and get ready for things without him asking more of me, and then be glad and rested when he gets home! He usually does another half hour-hour of stuff, and then we put on a movie and watch it while we fall asleep. It's been nice. Too bad this week is the only week of it.

My Spring Fling Festival is this Saturday and I am nervous. Don't wanna talk about it any more. :P


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