Monday, April 27, 2009

I want to move it move it

My Spring Fling Festival was a blast, and it's DONE and I can breath again! I have an event this Wednesday, one next tuesday, and one the week after and then it's back to semi-normalcy!!! Yay!

I joined a women's health challenge and am excited to have joined yet another thing. This summer I really want to be more active - I want to run, swim, bike, yoga, and do karate. I think today after work I'll go to the dry cleaners, then go home, grab my bike and library books and ride there..get some new books, and then do my yoga video. Later tonight I'll go to the gym and run and swim. I miss swimming, but don't really enjoy swimming at the gym since there's too many non-swimmers in the pool. I am thinking about taking a swim-for-fitness class this summer at Goldenwest. 6:30-7:45am two mornings a week..I can do that!

Yesterday I cooked spagetti for Adam's lunch, I thawed a veggie stew I'd made and frozen, and made white rice to go with it for A's lunch tomorrow, and then I also made Hungry Girl falafel. YUMMY! I love Hungry Girl. This weekend I am going to the Sparkpeople convention allll day Saturday in San Diego, and so I need to get ready for that too. I slept in accidentally this morning and was 1 1/2 hours late for work. Today is Monday, yes oh yes it is. I also got the craving to knit socks.
Basically, I'd like to be almost anywhere but sitting at a desk right now. Ahhh. Getting restless and it's only 3:40!

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