Saturday, January 3, 2009

at my aunt's, talking about good books - the ones you go back every few years and revisit and they are not only as good as you remember, but full of even more layers and intricacies than you were able to fully understand when you were younger. My books that fall into that category are...The Great Gatsby, to Kill a Mockingbird, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Marvelous books, timeless books, amazing books that never, ever, ever let me down.

still have hives, and I am kind of conjested, but definitely better than I was. Starting the planning phase of Julie's Furniture - I am SO EXCITED for this project!!!

Last night Adam and I went out to dinner with my mom, dad, and sister, Roxana. Then we went back to their house and played spades til well past midnight. It was so much fun - and made even better by it's impromptu-ness and the fact that there was no obligation of a holiday or birthday or anything behind it. We all genuinely wanted to be was nice to see my dad being so friendly with my boyfriend.

ok have to go. later.


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