Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I wonder how many of my blog posts start out with 'geeez I'm tired...' - well, add one to that number, because GEEEEZ I AM TIRED! I don't want my list to be the focus of this post, but I am so tired I need to write it down to clear my mind. Today: work, then go home, put clothes in washer, pick up adam's uniform, take it to the dry cleaners. Pick up the uniform that is there, and while I'm at it, see about altering my charlotte russe pants. On the way home, deposit checks. Once I am at home, clean the sink and mirrors real quick, see about making dinner, move laundry to the dryer, water the garden, feed the fish, do 10 minutes of exercise and work on adam's white tshirts. Tomorrow morning Emily will meet me at 7 to go running, I also need to bring karate clothes to work. After running and work, I need to go to the dry cleaners, pick up adam's uniform, then go to julie's to work on the chairs. After the chairs is karate, and after karate I need to pick up whatever I'll need to make food for the potluck on friday.

okay. My head is on a little straighter. I am so tired that it is WORK to hold my eyes open. Only two more hours here at work then I can go do things. Then I can sleep. Ohh how I am looking forward to sleep. It's Day 3 of a 6 month goal - hopefully Adam's gig papers will get easier and won't require two people to stay up til 2am ever again. I can't even imagine how he must be feeling today on only two hours of sleep.

My mom's white hat is still in the works - this weekend I will finish it. I also need to list more of my ceramics and take photos of my crocheted blanket! I love finishing something as big as a blanket - what a great feeling. As soon as I get some sleep and other half-done projects under my belt, I am going to start a new quilt. Especially if I sell that calking mattress and have a queen sized bed to make things for....


Jenaneter said...

Dinner tomorrow night? Daniel has work until nine thirty, but was hoping he could maybe meet up with us. I don't remember when Stef's working.

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