Wednesday, January 21, 2009


If I were going to write a *real* blog post, I'd write about how Obama's inauguration speech was so powerful that I listened to it once and then had to listen to it again. The second time was even better - I wasn't so blown away, I could slow down and enjoy the beauty of his phrasing, of the actual content - the sentence structure, even. I heard someone say that they had watched other inaugurations - one president passing the torch to another president, but this was the first inauguration they had watched where it was the president passing the torch to the people.

I was so glad that I had gone to the Bolsa Chica Beach Cleanup on Monday - I don't think I could have held my head up when Obama started talking about responsibility if I had flaked on that.

So our President has the most amazing superpower I have ever seen - the ability to empower people.
For that matter, his wife has that super power too.

In other non-amazing-president news, I have been sparkpeople obsessed, I have been doing NOTHING BUT work, exercise/karate, sparkpeople, and helping Adam with police academy. My life is one long to do list - most of it I am glad to do.

My current spiritual (for lack of a better word) issue is one about jealousy, and how to eradicate this particular sin from my soul. I compare it to alcholism - it feels like an addiction, and I am working on fighting it every day. I can't afford to be weak anymore.
I got the results of my biopsy. My life is not threatened, but I have a painful skin condition that will never go away. I haven't really processed this yet. I don't have time.


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