Thursday, January 8, 2009

the post that's taken me 5 hours to write and post!

Got home last night and Adam was already asleep. Poor guy. He's beat. I stayed up til about 11 puttering around and doing the things on my list. I am not burning with quite the fervor I was, but I think it's just because I'm hungry. My goal is to make it for two weeks doing this taskpane stuff on outlook and the sparkpeople. In two weeks I am allowed to change my goals, but I want to give it enough time for habits to develop. is my sparkpage. If you are at all interested in doing anything like this - join up (it's free) and add me or befriend me or something! It's a very cool site.

I made these bowls for a custom order last night. I may have broken my spinning wheel in the process. I am afraid to even look. I need to download an Ashford template or something and relearn my wheel. I can use it, but not optimally.

Tonight after I get off work I am going to run to the grocery store, buy brown rice, skewers, some veggies - go home and grill the chicken, feed the fish, sweep the house, package Joel's bowls, then go to karate. After karate I am dropping off the bowls at Julie's, then coming home and running with Adam at 9. I am going to water the garden, feed the dog, and maybe work on my mom's white hat. Then tonight I think I get to sleep early!!! WOOHOO!
Other things I can always work on: putting photos in my jewelry box, cleaning off the dresser, organizing the art supply room.
Tomorrow is the doctor's appointment, and maybe lunch with Jake Matilsky (!!!!) and then dealing with the afteraffects of the doctor's appointment.

I am kind of tired, but still motivated to keep going with my to do list. I think I am literally just not getting enough sleep, so as long as I fix that, I should be good to go. Emily and I are talking about starting to go to the gym early before work next week, which would be wonderful. We shall see.


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