Wednesday, January 7, 2009

tired at 10:30pm

proud of:

doing every single thing on my list tonight, and then some. The only thing that is left is photographing and listing Joel's felted bowls, but they are busy felting right now so I can't do it anyway! I even hauled my shivering self out to the backyard and watered the garden...complete in my eskimo-eewok-old-timey-flighter-pilot hat from tia julie.

tomorrow I work, have karate, and deliver the bowls. I also want to learn how to do the tassles I want to make for the white hat my mom ordered. I also want to put away dishes, eat leftovers, and make some progress on organizing my art supply room.

one day I will also sleep.

Ooh, tonight I went to Julie's, finished sanding one chair and did the primer. I am SO EXCITED to actually start painting. I will start on that this weekend. I should start logging hours, too -to see exactly how long each piece takes. So far buying paint took about 1 1/2 hours, I sanded and primed for another 2 1/2. Both are slightly overestimated.

Adam got home and fell asleep. We were going to run tonight - now I need to do ten minutes of some sort of exercise without him so I can cross that off my sparkpeople goal list too. Then, bed!


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