Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years!

Well, I am sicker than ever, but last night ended up being a lot of fun. My cousin and her boyfriend came over last night and played games, we went and got food, then played Spades for a long time. Some friends came over and we all joked around til midnight and it was nice and celebratory and at my house! Which was exactly what I wanted.

I re-discovered cross stitching, which is both good and bad. I love to cross stitch, it's very soothing, but also very time consuming. Plus, it's from someone else's pattern, so I can't sell it on etsy or anything. I am having to remember that I am allowed to *make* things for the sake of making them, rather than to sell them. So that's what I've been doing today and yesterday,and the day before...

My mom actually ordered a hat from me, and so did my sister, but they want to pick out the yarn themselves. So once they get me that I'll work on them. Also a coworker wants me to make her a scarf, but she's already got the yarn, so I'm waiting on that project also. As soon as I am not sick, I'll be working on my Aunt's tables and chairs...have I mentioned this project yet? It will be HUGE. I'll write more later.

I got a fish tank for christmas, and we have a bunch of very aggressive fish. It's an event every time we feed them, and I love it. Its so homey. I love my home. I'm getting to the point where I'd always, always, always rather be here. Rebecca called that "nesting." And I am totally doing that. I wish I had the energy to get up and actively nest - you know, make things prettier. But right now I am in my new pink soft fluffy robe and I am going to go back and enjoy my couch and my living room and my cross stitching. Happy New Years everyone!!


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