Thursday, November 13, 2008

Andrea's Scarf!

This is the scarf that has been occupying my life for the last few weeks. I can't believe it's done. What will I do without it? Oh, I know...everything I haven't been doing!
My cousin ordered this custom scarf for a friend of his. It was supposed to match a hat she has - he took a stealth photo of this hat with his cell phone, and that's what I went off of.
She wanted "easter colors," for it to be "flat, but not ribbed," "soft but not fluffy" and with no fringe. I did my best! I ended up doing seed stitch to keep it flat without the ribbing, and I laboriously taught myself how to do intarsia to get the sort-of-almost plaid look that her hat has.
My cousin is giving her the scarf today - I don't think I've ever been so nervous about a custom order in my life. :)
The first photo is me with the scarf covering my face, the second photo is my little sister, and the last photo is my sister with her boyfriend. I kidnapped them last night after karate and made them watch the WoW SouthPark episode, then we watched The Office until I fell asleep.
I am so looking forward to working on my other projects now that this scarf is done. I need to totally finish JW's bag, which means I need to sew the lining, and then I can start listing the things I've been neglecting!
This Saturday I will be going to the Irvine FAC so I can do ceramics - I want to include some of my pieces in a corporate gift basket that AbbeyLane is putting together.


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