Friday, November 14, 2008

missing my man


that's what I have to say this morning.


Adam left Wednesday for his job doing National Forest Visitor Use Monitoring - he went all the way up to Monterey. I talked to him at about 7pm Wednesday - he was stuck in traffic in LA. When I got home, there were sticky notes everywhere "I'll miss you," "love ya babe," "don't worry, I'll be fine," etc. But now...two days later...I sure wish I had a phone call from him to make sure he got there fine and all is well. I am sure it is. Especially since the sticky note on my microwave keeps telling me so. But still. I miss him, it'd be nice to get a phone call. :)

The worst part is, he took the dog, so my house is SUPER empty. Luckily, for the last two nights, my little sister and her boyfriend have come over after karate and watched the office with me - I end up falling asleep before they leave, so it works out. I like my alone time, but I like it more on Sunday mornings in the daylight when there's a dog around. :P

So anyhoo - I am feeling the need for some Adam-loving, so here are some photos. These photos are us on the 1st Annual Disc Golf Road Trip last April. The one on the left is the last day we threw - it was a crazy great day. There were water holes, it was STUPID hot (we found a water spigot in a campsite and everyone totally doused themselves), and I made the most incredible 75 foot putt ever. The picture on the right is Adam earlier during that trip - one thing about him is he has a hard time sitting still when we go camping. I don't even bother setting anything up because then that takes away the stuff he can do. So he putters around putting everything together...and then tries to make things. Like fish hooks and fishing lines. So that's what this photo is.

I miss him! I know four days is not very long at all, but it is just strange to not have him around when I live with him, ya know? I guess it's good for us to have these little breaks every once in a while, I am going to be so happy when he comes home.


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